Frequently Asked Questions Regarding EMV Cards

Why will my card be upgraded to a chip card?

Your new chip card will provide an extra level of security and reduce the chances of fraud. Chip technology is already used in other countries and is now coming to the U.S.

When will Trinity Bank issue EMV Cards?

New and Replacment cards will have the EMV chip included

Can I still pay in store or use an ATM if I don’t have an EMV card?

Yes. Merchants and ATMs will continue to accept magnetic stripe card payments as usual.

Can I still use my EMV card at a non-EMV-enabled ATM or merchant terminal?

Yes. Your card will have both a chip and a magnetic stripe to accommodate either situation.

Will I be able to use my EMV card at all merchant locations?

Yes. More merchants are becoming EMV-enabled every day to increase security for in store card transactions, so you will begin seeing these terminals at many of the places you shop today.

Will I be able to make online purchases the same way?

Yes. You can continue to use your card and for online purchases, just like you do today.

Can I use my EMV outside of the U.S?

Yes. EMV cards are widely used in international markets and are accepted in numerous countries. It will be easier for you to make purchases when you travel internationally if you have an EMV card.

How do I use my EMV card?

During the transition to EMV cards, you can swipe your card as you normally would and follow the prompts. If the terminal is chip-enabled, it will prompt you to insert it in a slot below instead. If you already know your chip card works there, start by inserting your card into the slot. These basic steps will help ensure successful transactions:

  1. Insert your card with the chip toward the terminal, facing up. Do not remove until prompted.
  2. Approve the amount and follow prompts.
  3. When the terminal says the transaction is complete, remove your card.

Always remember when you use your chip card to follow the prompts on the terminal and leave your card inserted until prompted to remove it.

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