Put an End to Bank Runs with Remote Deposit

Ensuring that all checks and other payments are deposited into your business account used to require a trip at the end of the day. Remote deposit from Trinity Bank simplifies your life and ends those trips.

Remote Deposit streamlines the entire bank deposit process so that you can make your check deposits without ever leaving your office. Everything is done electronically, including:

  • Deposit preparation
  • Record retention
  • And the deposit itself

How Remote Deposit Works

A desktop scanner and PC-based software is used to scan, verify image quality and prepare check transactions for deposit. Once scanning is complete, check amounts are entered, and batches are balanced automatically. Completed batches are then transmitted to Trinity Bank using a secure Internet connection.

Benefits of Remote Deposit

  • Increased accuracy of your deposit process while eliminating trips to the bank and associated expenses
  • Improved cash flow due to later deposit deadlines and a more efficient deposit process
  • Improved timeliness and accuracy of posting and financial reporting through automation of the posting process
  • Justification for daily deposits, including small dollar deposits that would normally be held for several days
  • View history of deposit amounts, check images and transaction detail

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